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Signing up for Your Property – Guide

Welcome to the Central Properties guide to signing up for your chosen property.

1.        Choosing a PropertyShowing where to sign

The first thing that you need to do is to decide how many of you want to share a house together, the area that you want to live in, and your affordable price range.

It is important to get all of this right at the beginning as this will save you a lot of wasted time if you later find that you all had different ideas.

2.       Choose a House to View

Have a look at the Central Properties website, and read up on all of the property descriptions.

3.       Arranging a viewing

Once you have found a suitable property that fits all of your requirements, then it is time to arrange a viewing.

In order to arrange a viewing, please contact Central Properties by telephone or email using the: “Contact Us” section listed on our website.

Please ensure that all members of the group are able to attend the viewing, this will ensure the property is suitable for all members of the group, and that each group member is happy to proceed to the signing up stage.  

4.       Act Quickly!

Due to the nature of student accommodation it may seem that you have found the perfect property, but it can be snapped up by another group within minutes.

So, if you have found the perfect property that’s fits each of your requirements, act quickly to secure the property before someone else does! You simply have to say “we want this house!”

5.       Familiarise yourself with all contractual obligations

Before coming to sign up for your chosen property, please familiarise yourself with the tenancy agreement and all paperwork concerned. Please refer to the “Tenancy Documents” section listed on our website for a comprehensive list of signing up documents. 

It is strongly advised by Central Properties, that you take appropriate legal advice where necessary, and ensure that each group member’s parent, guardian or guarantor have had the opportunity to review the paperwork, and understand the contents and obligations. This means, have a read of all of the documents and get your parents/guardians/guarantors to read them as well.

**If you have any questions then ring up and ask**

Please do not come to the sign up and then ask questions, as the sign up could then become abortive if you are not happy with the answers. Thrash out all of your questions and answers beforehand. 

6.       Obtain a suitable guarantor

Central Properties requires each tenant to provide a guarantor. Please note that guarantors must be aged over 18, and in a sound financial position. Central Properties may elect to conduct credit checks against the guarantors to establish their credit worthiness.

Please note that the tenancy agreement is a “joint and several tenancy agreement” which means that each member of the tenancy group is liable for each other’s rent arrears, and any other debts to the landlord.

It is strongly advised by Central Properties, that guarantors take appropriate legal advice, where necessary, to ensure that they are fully aware of the nature of their obligations under the guarantor form and tenancy agreement. 

Central Properties will provide each tenant with a guarantor form to be signed by their guarantor, when the completed form is sent back to us we will require a photocopy of either the guarantor’s driving licence or passport so that we can verify their signature on the actual tenant guarantor form

7.       Arrange an appointment to sign the tenancy agreement

Once you have found your ideal property, and familiarised yourself with all of the necessary documentation, then it is time to come to the office to sign up!

Simply give us a ring on our office telephone number to arrange an appointment.

Please note that all members of the group will be required to attend our office at the same time to conduct the sign up, so please arrange a time that is mutually convenient for all members of the group.

 **It is really important that you all come in together**

You will need to allow at least 1 full hour for the sign up and usually 1 hour 15 minutes if the group is over 4 persons.  

8.       What you need to bring to the sign up

a)  Generic contact information (full name, home address, email address, telephone numbers and next of kin details)

b)  You will need to bring along some documentation to show proof of your identity and your right to residency in England. See “Right to rent in England”

c)  We will need the name and address of the university that you are attending.

d)  We will need your bank account details (account number and sort code).

e)  We will need your national insurance number.

f)  A previous landlord reference details. (If applicable)

g)  Pay a deposit.

9. The “How to rent” Government publication guide

We will issue you with a copy of the Government publication called “How to rent” the check list for how to rent in England.


Please click the following link to download a PDF copy of this guide: Signing Up for your chosen property guide

Please see the following website link which provides free advice and tools to tenants and guarantors about tenancy agreements, moving in and out of your property and university reviews.