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Lost Keys and Locked Out

Ok so you have lost or forgot to take your keys out with you and are now locked out of your property. What to do!

PLEASE NOTE: That we your landlord/managing agent, are not allowed to charge you, the tenant, any fees for emergency call outs due to the tenant fees ban legislation. In order to comply with the fees ban and still provide you with an emergency call out service, we have arranged for an independent third-party, self employed contractor who will attend to your emergency call out and they have advised us of the following call out charges.

Call outs Monday – Friday (Office/work hours) 8am – 4pm = £20.00
Call outs Monday – Friday Between hours 4pm – 6pm = £25.00
Call outs Monday – Friday Between hours 6pm – 10pm = £35.00
Call outs Monday – Friday Between hours 10pm – 8am (Next day) = £67.00
Calls out Saturday Between hours 10am – 6pm = £35.00
Calls out Saturday Between hours 6pm – 10am (Sunday) = £70.00
Calls out Sunday Between hours 10am – 6pm = £35.00
Call outs Sunday Between hours 6pm – 8am (Monday) = £70.00

*All Bank holidays will be treated as Sunday prices.

Should you wish to utilise the emergency call out contractor then please contact BPM Services on Mobile: 07756 251 149

If the phone is not answered on the first call then please leave a message with your full name, house address and contact telephone number. Please speak SLOWLY and CLEARLY!

You do not have to use the above independent call out contractor and you can instead instruct an emergency locksmith to help you gain access to the property, you will then be responsible for the cost of all replacement locks and keys and the cost of the call out charge as charged by the locksmith.

The locks and keys must be of the same type, style and quality with the appropriate British Standard specification.

Our recommended locksmith is shown on this link: https://centralproperties.co.uk/emergency-repair-services/

You must arrange payment directly with your chosen contractor and under no circumstances will we receive the payment from you and pass this on to your instructed contractor.