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Residents Car Parking Permit Scheme

For the properties that Central Properties offer to rent there are two residents parking schemes. The residents parking permit is free although there are limits on the number of cars per household, and each scheme has different rules. To find out more information about the parking scheme in your area please see the link below.

The Hathersage Road Residents Parking Scheme

Our properties covered within this scheme are:

11 Naburn Street 8 Denham Street 41 Hathersage Road*
13 Welby Street 14 Denham Street 31 Hathersage Road*
15 Welby Street 15 Eston Street 49 Hathersage Road*
18 Welby Street 18 Eston Street 65 Richmond Grove*
3 Denham Street 11 Hathersage Road* 3 Fenella Street 

The Rusholme (Victoria Park) and Moss Side Residents Parking Scheme 

Our properties covered within this scheme are:

59 Denison Road* 61 Denison Road* 18 Scarsdale Road**

*If the property that you are renting has a driveway then you do not need to apply for a parking permit unless your car has to be parked roadside due to the driveway being utilised at full capacity.

**The permit zone ends at Scarsdale Road so our tenants at 18 Scarsdale Road are not currently required to apply for a permit. 

As student tenants, you are classed as a resident and can apply for a free resident parking permit. In order for you to apply for a resident parking permit you will need to have your car registered to your rental property and not your permanent home address. You will also need:

(a) Proof that you own the vehicle (i.e. a copy of the log book (V5 Vehicle Registration Certificate).

(b) Proof of address (i.e. a copy of your tenancy agreement or utility bill in your name).

(c) Proof that you can park your vehicle roadside (i.e. a copy of your car insurance certificate).

If your vehicle is not registered in your name and/or registered to another property then you can apply for an annual visitor’s permit at a cost of £45.00 per permit. For details about how to apply and pay any fees then please see the information contained in one of the links above. Up to ten vehicles can be registered onto a visitor’s permit although only one vehicle can be parked in the permit zone at any one time.

None permit holders can park within the permitted areas for a maximum of 3 hours and must not return to the permit zone within 4 hours Monday-Friday between 08:00-18:00. Moving a vehicle from one side of the road to another, or from one road in the permit zone to another road in the permit zone will not count for the no return in 4 hour rule and so this is allowed.

All parking permits are ‘E’ permits (Electronic Permits) and the resident permit once registered will last for 3 years. The E permit means that your vehicle is registered with the Manchester City Council (MCC) and parking wardens simply enter the vehicle registration onto their digital device to check that a valid permit exists for that vehicle.

For all enquiries regarding any parking permit scheme listed on our website then please contact the Manchester City Council via email at: parking.permits@manchester.gov.uk