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Moving Out Of Your Property

We hope that you have enjoyed your stay with Central Properties and would like to offer you some guidance notes on vacating your property.

We offer all leaving tenants a free cleaning assessment so that you are aware of any cleaning issues. We will send you a separate document about this before the end of your tenancy, please utilise this free appointment as it will give you some really useful feedback about the level of cleaning required and the expected cost of a contract cleaner.
Please refer to your copy of the original cleaning inventory that you signed, which will help you to work through the grading of your cleaning. For your assistance we have produced some cleaning videos to help you with your cleaning. See Central Properties Cleaning Videos

Please do not underestimate the level of cleaning required in your property, it may look clean on the surface but once beds and furniture are pulled out you can see the build-up of dust and fluff. The landlord’s advice is to agree a price with one of our preferred contract cleaners and then just leave the contract cleaning to them. The cleaning must be complete on the last day of your tenancy as the next day the landlord will engage their own contract cleaners.

Make sure to replace all of the expired lamps in your lighting points as these will be chargeable.

Please make a list of any damage that persons in your group may have caused so that that particular person can be held liable for the repair costs. We will issue you with a document to help you list this damage and who is responsible.

Take final meter readings of your Gas, Electric and Water meters and keep a copy of these safe, you will need to contact these utility companies and give them these meter readings and the final date of your tenancy. The final date of your tenancy is the date as shown on your tenancy agreement or the date that you have given us in your notice to leave.
Please do not put the billing into my name, tell the utility companies to address the new billing to the occupier.

It will be helpful to the new tenant if you could leave a note to say who the current electricity and gas supplier is and their contact telephone number.

Please cancel any landline telephone and TV license.

Please make arrangements to have any post redirected to your forwarding address, the Post Office offer a service that will help you with this. This is especially important for bank credit/debit cards.

It may be helpful to leave stamped addressed envelopes to post on any mail that does come to the house (tell the new Tenant to post this on for you). It is also a good idea to leave a mobile number so that the new tenant can contact you should the need arise. Ie delivery of postage and parcels etc.

Any keys returned through the letterbox or through the Royal Mail Post must have a tenant name and the house address on them (otherwise I don’t know who they’re from). It is strongly recommended to Royal Mail recorded delivery service.

Please position all items of furniture back into their respective rooms.

Please close all windows and lock any window locks. Check that the back door, front door mortice locks and lounge/kitchen doors are all locked. Please leave any bedroom door locks open.

Please set your burglar alarm system to on.

We will attend to the return of any security deposit as soon as possible and you will receive email updates about this. The properties which are left clean and have complied with all paperwork will be the easiest to deal with and so return of deposit will be actioned first on these properties.