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How to Complain

Complaints to Central Properties:

(This is the written Complaints Procedure that applies to Central Properties)


The purpose of this written complaints procedure is to allow those persons to whom Central Properties would owe a ‘Duty of Care’ to make ‘presentation’ to Central Properties for any grievance that they may have with Central Properties. This Procedure will then allow those persons to have a written and formal record of having initiated a complaint procedure which must then be dealt with according to the following procedures as detailed below


Step 1


Most Complaints can be dealt with very easily and as such a simple conservation with a member of staff to raise your concerns can usually sort out any problems. Please use the words “THIS IS A COMPLAINT” while describing your problem, so that the member of staff is fully aware of your feelings. Voicemail messages are not acceptable for this type of complaint due to the unreliability of technical equipment. Please keep a log of any of your verbal complaints that you make, along with the date, time, and to whom you have spoken to and any telephone number you have rang.

In your verbal complaint can you please tell us how you have suffered a ‘loss or an injustice’ and what you would like us to do to rectify the situation.

The telephone numbers that are available to you for you to make a verbal complaint are as shown above.

Step 2


If the informal complaint is not dealt with or adequately responded to within a ‘reasonable period time-say 14 days’, then you may want to move up the complaints procedure and produce a written complaint. This is a more formal complaint and should always be made in a legible writing, can you ensure that you sign, print and date your written communication, and that you keep a copy of the same.

A written complaint can be made by:-

(a)   Paper Letter

(b)   E-mail

All written complaints must be addressed to “The Manager” as it is the manager who will be dealing with your complaint.

In your Written complaint can you please tell us how you have suffered a ‘loss or an injustice’ and what you would like us to do to rectify the situation.

The contact details for you to service your written complaint are as shown above.

Step 3


If after a ‘reasonable period of time-say 14 days’ your “written complaint” has still not been dealt with to your satisfaction, then you may want to contact an independent review body. The review bodies that Central Properties subscribes to are:

  Manchester Student Homes
  University accommodation office (Student Tenants only)
  Units 1-3 Ladybarn House
  M14 6ND
  Telephone 0161 275 7680
  e: manchesterstudenthomes@manchester.ac.uk
  Manchester Housing
  Town Hall
  Albert Square
  M60 2LA
  Telephone 0161 954 9000
  e: city.council@manchester.gov.uk

The above Professional Bodies have differing roles and procedures for dealing with your complaint and you will need to contact them directly for advice in this regard.

Central Properties sincerely hopes that any complaint will never go beyond the Informal level of this complaints procedure and will do our very best to accommodate your needs.

Can Tenants please note that this ‘Complaints Procedure’ is NOT to be used as a ‘request for a repair’ it can be used to complain about the quality of a repair or the speed of a repair, but not as an initial request for a repair.